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Posted on 2021-03-02 21:34:09

In line with regulatory directives, Naijacrypto has suspended fiat deposits directly on its exchange. However, in a bid to comply with the regulatory directives and as well serve our users better, Naijacrypto has implemented another alternative to enable users to fund their accounts through the peer-to-peer method. Recently Naijacrypto introduced its digital stable coin called "the NairaD" to its users, which will be used solely for trading on the Naijacrypto platform. To get the NairaD credited to your Naijacrypto wallet, you will have to buy from our list of agents. These agents operate on a peer-to-peer basis. The procedures for deposits are stated below.


1.After signing in to your Naijacrypto account, click the ‘wallet’ and locate the deposit button beside NGN on the wallet page or click on "deposit" located at the top right of the exchange then select "NGN"

2. You will see a list of agents you can buy the NairaD from, Pick the one suitable for you, make contact with the agent and make payment for the NairaD stable coins.

NOTE: 1 NairaD = 1NGN. So if you deposit 100,000 NGN to the agent’s account, you will get 100,000 NairaD minus the deposit fee charged by the agent.

3. Once you have made your transfer, notify the agent then initiate a deposit request stating the amount you deposited,  upload payment proof online and submit.

4. The agent will confirm your NGN deposit, then notify the Naijacrypto Team about your deposit request, and your Naijacrypto account will be credited with NairaD. The NairaD can then be used for trading the NGN pairs, as it is paired against all coins on the exchange.



written by Abia Joy