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Coin Description

Coin Name: Tatcoin

Token Name: Tat

Coin Introduction

Tatcoin is a native token for the AbitNetwork.TATCOIN was created as an ERC20 Token contract and minted on the Ethereum Blockchain with a total supply of 200 million tokens.Tatcoin will serve as the capital and value estimation of ABiT Network from investor’s standpoint and in case of value increase over a long time, it will be a huge reward for all that believe in the project and bought some token at the early stage.

Tatcoin will serve three use case:

1. A utility Token for the ABiT network platform.

2. A reward Token for tasks on our Ecosystem such as ABiT Reps.

3. Will be accepted by other Vendors as a utility currency.

Token Overview

Total Circulation: 200,000,000 million

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